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Spring RNC Meeting Update




Ginger with Kellyanne Conway

Ginger with Jason Thompson and David Shafer




Dear Marvin,


To start, I want to extend a big congratulations to our newly elected officers from our State Convention in Savannah a couple weeks ago! I am thankful to serve on the RNC alongside newly elected State Chairman, David Shafer, and I look forward to working together. Additional congratulations to First Vice Chair: Carolyn Hall Fisher, Second Vice Chair: Brant Frost, Secretary: Mike Welsh, Assistant Secretary: BJ Van Gundy, Treasurer: Joseph Brannan, and Assistant Treasurer: Vicki Consiglio. It is a privilege to have you on our team to represent and advocate for the great state of Georgia!


RNC Spring Training Meeting in D.C.

Jason, David, and I went to D.C. this week for two intense days of meetings to prepare and equip us to win in 2020!! We had political training sessions on the GROW program (which Georgia is enrolled in), and it stands for "Growing Republican Organizations to Win!" We also had sessions on an RNC technology update, the Trump Victory Leadership Initiative, fundraising, voter registration, using data in the field, communications, and many other topics. 


We had an hour long meeting with our Regional Political Director, Brian Barrett, and our Regional Data Director, Justin Kemp. I am excited to report that the RNC will be helping us with the resources to hire six to seven field directors and a state director this summer. This is much sooner than we had staff on the ground for last cycle. Justin went over the RNC Data Hub that we will have access to, and it is the best data in the business. The RNC has spent $300 million building this data since 2013. It accurately predicts outcomes of elections better than anyone! And it is free for us AND for our candidates to use! We are THRILLED about how helpful this tool will be in assuring many Republican victories in 2020.


From a financial standpoint, we learned that the RNC raised $61.8 million this cycle. We have $34.7 million cash on hand, and no debt. The majority of this money is from small donors, which is incredibly encouraging in what it says about support from the American people! In contrast, the DNC only has $7.6 million cash on hand and are more than $6 million in debt.


My head is spinning from all the positive information we received, and I am hopeful about what's to come!


Another highlight from the trip was that we got to visit with Ethan Pender (pictured above with Jason and I), who is the Chairman of UGA College Republicans. He is interning with RNC this summer. It was great to catch up with him and hear all the good things he is experiencing with the RNC, as we are seeking to have more millennial involvement in the Republican Party!


As we look ahead, we have much work to do between now and November 2020 to re-elect Donald Trump and David Perdue. We must take back the Sixth District, keep the Seventh, and take back seats we lost under the Gold Dome. I have attached an article I wrote for the James Magazine about my outlook for 2020 here)(on pages 33-34). We have reason to be optimistic, and we have reason to work HARD in the coming months!


Together, as a team, we can do this! I look forward to working with you and keeping Georgia red!


May God bless each of you,

Ginger Howard








Ginger headed to DC for the RNC meeting!


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