Cherokee County Republican Party
Engaged, Involved, Community-Driven

Get out and push our GOP candidates to victory in November! Become a grassroots volunteer today!

Call the Cherokee County Republican Party  678-493-1993 or use the links below to find out how you can help.  All Republicans need to reach out to these campaigns and provide their assistance ( put up a sign, talk to your friends and neighbors).  We must help keep Georgia Red! 

Candidate for Governor

Secretary of State Brian Porter Kemp


Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Geoff Duncan


Candidate for Secretary of State

 Brad Raffensperger


Candidate for Insurance Commissioner

 Jim Beck


Candidate for State School Superintendent

 Education Superintendent Richard L. Woods

Candidate for United States Congress
United States Representative  Barry Loudermilk


 State Legislative Candidates 

Candidate for State House District  21

State Representative Scot Turner     678-576-2644

Candidate for State House District  22

State Representative Wes Cantrell

Candidate for State House District  23

State Representative Mandi Ballinger

Candidate for State House District  46

State Representative John Carson

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