Rep. Sam Moore, HD22

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Family history of fighting for what is right…
Sam can trace his family tree back to Revolutionary War soldier John Moore. His grandfather, J.D. Moore, was a proud produce salesman and an unapologetic moonshiner. His other grandfather, Morgan Dean, was a hard-working farmer, a country preacher, and also a moonshiner. Writings of Sam’s family can be found in the Historic Cherokee County Courthouse.

His deep, local roots…
Sam moved to House District 22 when he was 7 years old. Other than attending Georgia Tech, he has always lived in Cherokee County. Locally, his family owns land in Macedonia, Canton, and Waleska, most of which has been in the family for 8 generations. His lineage includes full-blooded Cherokee Indian.

His wife, Galina…

Sam married Galina Dribinski in May of 2006. They have a wonderful marriage and look forward to growing old together. Galina also graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computer Science. They met at work.

A Russian immigrant, Galina came over with her mom and two grandparents when she was only 13 years old. They spoke minimal English when they first came over as religious refugees in 1993. Taking five years to navigate citizenship requirements, both her and her family are now full American citizens.

His education…
Attending Macedonia Elementary, Dean Rusk Middle School, and part of the first class to complete all four years of Sequoyah High School, Sam was a straight-A student and a leader among his peers.

  • Sent to Boy’s State by the American Legion Post 45 out of Canton (one student selected per school, per year)
  • Selected to attend the Hugh O’ Brian Youth Leadership seminar (one student selected per school, per year)
  • Helped write the School Philosophy for Sequoyah High School (only student on the board)
  • Graduated Sequoyah High School near the top of his class
  • Former Active President and current Alumni President of the Gamma Tau chapter of  Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity
  • Awarded Active Brother of the Year and Alumni Brother of the Year of the Gamma Tau chapter of  Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity
  • Graduated in 2000 with a degree in Computer Science and a focus on Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology
His politics…
  • Life-long Republican, from a family of Republicans.
  • Multi-year Platinum member of the Cherokee County Republican party.
  • Multi-year Precinct Chairman for the Cherokee County Republican party.
  • 2012 and 2013 Delegate to the County, District, and State Republican Conventions.
  • Increased precinct involvement well over 100% in the Hightower Precinct.
  • Active for years in strengthening the Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton, and Bartow Republican parties via organization, recruitment, and education of Republican ideals.
  • Continues to promote the Republican Party in Cherokee County through outreach to other groups, other local Republican groups, and even other political parties.
His career…
  • Currently retired.  Yes, at 37 years old.  Sam did this by living frugally, being good with money, making good life decisions, and investing heavily since the day he entered the workforce.  Sam is self-made.
  • Started in the computer industry, and worked in Client Manager, Consultant, and Quality Assurance roles since 2000, mainly around improving how people work with computers.
  • Last employee role was as an ‘innovator’ for InterContinental Hotels Group, where he learned the tools needed to start a business doing what he loves, helping others through innovation.
  • Currently owns a hobby innovations business with the purpose of making other’s lives easier through innovative engineering.  His business is about to get its first patent.
His Hobbies…
  • Avid motorcyclist – almost 100K miles of accident-free riding. For over 10 years, Sam has ridden in the North Georgia Toy Run sponsored by Hartman Cycles to support needy children in the north Georgia area.
  • Volunteered as an English as a Second Language teacher at UNICO in Canton.
  • Co-sponsored GPAN, a group dedicated to improving police interactions.
  • Enjoys volunteering his self-taught skills in automobile repair, construction, woodworking, welding, plumbing, and electrical work to those in need.
  • Avid outdoorsman – enjoys riding 4wheelers, fishing, and hiking around his family’s hunting property. Loves deer meat.
  • Playing jokes…watch out. You have been warned!